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channel_dave's Journal

Channel Dave - Home of Witty Banter
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The Home of Witty Banter
After Some Searching On Here I Have Discovered That There Was No Community For The Channel Dave
Well Now There Is


Dave, the brilliant televison channel over here in the UK
allows us to watch over favs shows (normally from the BBC) almsot everyday
The homw of witty banter as it is called deserves a wonderful community for those who enjoy it.

The Rules:
Not that strict but please follow them
- Icons, Videos, And Anything Else Related To Dave Can Be Posted
But could you please you cuts for icons, fanfic etc
- Treat People In Ths Community How You Would Like To Be Treated, Everyone's Opinons Are Important
That means no foul language directed at others

Now, it would be nice if you introduced yourself when you first join:
Nickname or What we can call you:
Favourite Dave Tv Show:
Anything you would like to tell us about you:

Just Something Simple To Get To Know You
Anyway Enjoy The Community :D