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Dave 3

September 2011

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sarah_fangirl91 in channel_dave

Argumental Television Recording

That's right last night i went and saw Argumental be recorded :D
That mean second series !!

First of all there's a slight change to the set this year. The people sitting behind Marcus and Rufus are no longer up out of the shot they are right behind them.

Secondly, i hate to ruin the magic for people but turns out, they record two shows in one evening!
Which i'm not complaining i got to watch more of the show

The warm-up guy was great had people running round the audience had people sit in the comedians seats one guy was so keen he literally jumped down the stairs
Anyway they started the first show where guests were Jo Claufield and Katy Brand, i'm not gonna give away any spoilers but there is defiantely a part to look out for in this episode for the red team
Then the second episode had Simon Day and Charlie (i think) Higgson (i can't remember) and once again no spoilers but Rufus deserved it :D hehe.
Also more magic ruining... John doesn't actually press the buzzer during flip flop :O i was shocked
And to keep the comedians on track theres a man holding a sign saying for and against
I couldn't believe it
Still tis a good show  

Anyway the show was brilliant and i kept my voting card afterwards :D Shh.. don't tell em
Where i was sitting on the edge of the audience i was unsure i would get it the show but i'm almost postive i did :D Yay
If i did i shall be screenshotting it :D
Well that's my ramble over and done with ... enjoy :D


Woop! Second series.
And I'm shocked about John and the buzzer....=P
I know
I looked over and his hand wasn't even sitting near the buzzer
I trusted you John...LoL